started by: frau · last update: 1236246426 · posted: 1236002448

Looking for a bums and tums class in the Berlin area. Any evening of the week is fine.

started by: MsT13 · last update: 1235041136 · posted: 1235041136

Are there any groups which meet up for walks outside of Berlin/weekend ventures, nothing too strenuous. I am looking for some fun and fitness! Cheers

started by: Reidy-332449 · last update: 1234779256 · posted: 1232390679

anyone fancy meeting up for a few pints before the match ????

started by: Reidy-332449 · last update: 1228391842 · posted: 1222937097

anyone fancy a game of footie - 5 a side ? on Sundays followed by a swift beer or two? send an email if interested.

started by: rtaylor-332251 · last update: 1222675585 · posted: 1222675585

If anyone is interested in volunteering to help at this event next August they are looking for over 300 stewards. You can register to help online at www.berlin2009.org/volunteers/. The tickets are already on sale for the events but this way you don't have to pay!

started by: scarpercarp · last update: 1221206940 · posted: 1220907138

New in berlin, where do expats go to watch england matches please

started by: rtaylor-332251 · last update: 1220260529 · posted: 1220216014

Anyone know the dates and where to get tickets for next year's event????

started by: Keisha-333129 · last update: 1218571251 · posted: 1216990011

Having gone through quite a tough time recently I am now feeling a lot more positive about my life, worrying less and trying to put everything in perspective. I would like to take up a sport - don't want to go to a gym, it's too much like hard work and not my sort of fun. I have considered badminton, tennis and golf. Are there any groups out there in Berlin? Any other sports I could consider ??

started by: Reidy-332449 · last update: 1216713380 · posted: 1216713380

anyone travelling from berlin to wembley for the match on 20th august and like to meet up in london?

started by: rtaylor-332251 · last update: 1215012449 · posted: 1214861516

Is anywhere showing the Wimbledon finals on the big screen?

started by: Reidy-332449 · last update: 1214294417 · posted: 1213692490

Phew, thats a relief, scraping by 1-0 - dont know if I fancy Germanys chance against Portugal tho'. So far they havent done the biz, have they?

started by: Joe-332307 · last update: 1212566523 · posted: 1212566523

Anyone getting together to watch this on Sunday at Murrays or Eiszeit in Xberg?

started by: rtaylor-332251 · last update: 1212226082 · posted: 1212226082

If anyone fancies coming along to ISTAF tomorrow we are meeting at Olympiastadion station near the entrance to the path through to the stadium on the left hand side (come up from the platforms, turn left, follow the crowd). at 1 pm. ISTAF normally features lots of top athletes, many of whom will be going to Beijing for the Olympics. It's a great chance to see them all on one afternoon/evening.

started by: rtaylor-332251 · last update: 1211638270 · posted: 1211448887

Don't miss this fantastic cycling event in Berlin!! Anyone up for meeting to do this bike ride? I did it last year from Stausberg and fancy doing the Teltow /Avus route. Check out the routes here: http://www.adfc-berlin.de/uploads/EY/-f/EY-fN0oHIjU9A0tmtcYHmA/Routenplan-Sternfahrt-2008.pdf I'm a keen cyclist but it's something for everyone no matter how fast (or slow) you are!!

started by: rtaylor-332251 · last update: 1211295874 · posted: 1211183968

I'm not particularly interested in football, even less since England failed to qualify for Euro 2008. However, my German colleagues never cease to amaze me - last week they brought one of those wall charts to work with all the groups and games .... and guess what Germany has already qualified up to the semi final stage without a single game being played!!!! My mate Henning (deadpan): "Well, we know we'll get at least that far so I thought I might as well write them in".... Maybe their uberconfidence is what got them to the tournament in the first place and why England didn't??

started by: Reidy-332449 · last update: 1210852503 · posted: 1210670392

Anyone up for watching it at Murrays Irish Pub in Xberg tomorrow night? Kick-off is at 20:45 so meet from 20:00 onwards?

started by: Mimi-332425 · last update: 1210841963 · posted: 1210841963

Calling all campers!! Can anyone recommend a good campsite near Dresden = one with washroom facilities and not too far from the centre or public transport links. I'm not a regular camper but in a moment of madness (and far too much wine) I gamely agreed to go off on a camping weekend with a few friends. In truth it is my idea of hell and I am dreading it but don't want to back out now as everyone else is so geared up for it! If there was a chance of renting a log cabin or a caravan of sorts that would be preferable (for me anyway) .... plus any advice on pros and cons - thanks Mimi x

started by: Bunky B-332242 · last update: 1210680813 · posted: 1210086879

can you light one of those disposable ones on your balcony - what rules are there? Have also seen families using them in the parks - is this allowed??

started by: KatieS-332926 · last update: 1210408300 · posted: 1209987694

My parents are due to visit this summer and my dad is a keen golfer. As a special treat for his 60th birthday I would like to arrange for him to have a day golfing. I need to know: where to play - what's the difference between the courses if any (I don't play golf so I have no clue!) rough idea of the cost do you have to be a member to play ? Thanks Katie

started by: Deediva · last update: 1210340976 · posted: 1210149017

Oh dear, the sun has come out and panic has set in!!!! I've looked in the mirror and I am totally depressed!!! I need to get in shape before the summer. I hate gyms, have tried them but they just do nothing for me. I love swimming and would like to find a nice (not packed with screaming kids) pool I could use a few times a week, don't mind travelling to it - might even get a bike and cycle some of the way. Anyone know of a good pool?

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