IMPRO 2017 - Afterlife

from Mar 22nd 2017 to Mar 25th 2017


Created by the Orcas Island Project
Directed by Randy Dixon

“As death approaches the quality of the time that remains becomes the issue.”
Michael Kearney, Mortally Wounded

Afterlife is an experimental performance piece about death, dying, and how we choose to live performed by a distinguished international cast. Through existing materials, original material, and spontaneous material and interaction with the audience the performers hold up a mirror to mortality asking everyone to think about their own lives and experience."
AfterLife explores the traditions around death in a personal and cultural way. The cast examines the traditions, taboos, myths, legends, and assumptions about death and afterlife as experienced in their own lives and countries.
Humor is utilized throughout as a way to get the audience to reflect on their own lives and death.

Orcas Island Project is a international group of performers founded by and under the direction of Randy Dixon. The Ensemble develops, explores, and investigates interactive theatrical forms in an effort to promote international exchange through live performance globally. Orcas Island Project brings challenging performance to the stage and forwards the art of collaboration and improvisational based theater.

Wednesday, March 22 to Saturday March 25,2017, 8 p.m., English Theatre Berlin | IPAC