Lost in the Echo Chamber? Reporting Fact in the Age of Disinformation

from Apr 20th 2017 to May 4th 2017


Is the rise of social media coinciding with the spread of disinformation and misinformation? 

And are we actually creating “echo chambers” along ideological lines, wherein views that confirm our existing beliefs are welcomed and other points of view are either blocked or aggressively contested? 

If so, could this in turn increase the spread of ‘non-fact’ to the point where we no longer believe anything at all – perhaps thinking that truth is an impossible pursuit?

What can journalists and organisations do now to counter the apparent decline in trust the public holds in facts and factual reporting?

We invite journalists and editors to apply for the opportunity to discuss these questions and learn more about the measures being implemented globally to tackle fake news. 

We especially welcome attendees who plan to cover the German elections or who have an interest in combating fake news so they can enrich the conversation.




Daniel Mossbrucker from Reporters without Borders will speak about the latest research related to fake news, Facebook and freedom of expression.

Sam Dubberly will discuss new international collaborative verification projects to help voters better determine trustworthy information online.

Special guest who will reveal how their organisation is currently working against fake news.




To apply for the opportunity to attend this event, please email [email protected] with a brief description of why you would like to attend and how you will enrich the conversation in the body of your text. Be sure to also include your full name. 

Preference will be given to individuals who are registered in HackPack.press. Accepted participants will be notified via email on 28th April with further details and the exact location in Berlin, Mitte. We look forward to seeing you there!