What’s your list?

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about our governments and us citizens, on how much they promise and how little they deliver. We complain and rant about how useless and corrupt they are, how many problems are left unsolved and how they claim to be doing far much than what we see in reality, but maybe we are much to blame for this situation and have a major role to play in solving it. How’s that?

Well, if I were to ask you to tell me off the top of your head what are the ten major issues that need to be solved, could you provide me with this list? And if I asked you to give me three lists, one national, one provincial and one municipal, how long would it take you?

What’s my point? I believe that one of the reasons our authorities get away with their inefficiency, in general, is that they do what they think is best for us, or perhaps they¬†even¬†convince us that what they are doing is what we really need. And this happens because each one of us hasn’t taken the trouble to put down in writing what are our major concerns and then, together with the rest of citizens, to demand that our representatives solve those issues and not others.

Homework for a rainy day: What are the ten major issues that need to be solved in the city of Buenos Aires and/or Greater Buenos Aires?