How 2015 European Games will affect Baku?

From the first Olympic Games that took place in Greece, 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, and next year, First European Games in Baku.

Nowadays, Olympics aim for commercial interests, linked with corporate sponsorships and sales of television rights. This associated with the consequent media impact, help enormously a thriving tourism industry. However the question is whether it is just a political dream or a sustainable long-time strategy.

In this table we have collected the last Olympic Games in relation to city where they were hosted.

In the following picture, there are some of the most impressive Olympic venues.

There is no doubt that any mega-event brings media attention and tourism attraction. New stadiums, impressive parks and spectacular architecture are usually the main feature of every Olympic competition. The global impact that these type of events draw every four years, entails an economical growth and future development for the local society that enhance the pride in the hosting city.

However, this unusual expenditure in sport and leisure architecture, quite often becomes a social controversy due to overambitious political dreams, causing harsh long-term consequences. This was the case of Montreal (Canada) that spent 30 years paying the debts that the city took in the Olympics in 1976.



Being at the crossroad between Europe and Asia, Baku wants to host an impressive event that will combine rich traditions with the First European Games ever.

Images produced by New Baku.