Top five restaurants in Brussels

Brussels is a city renowned for its high quality cooking, with some people saying the food on offer is even better than in France. With so much choice on offer it can be hard deciding where to eat your next meal. So with that in mind we thought we would take a look at the top five restaurants in the city…

Food on display
Brussels has some fine cuisine


Comme Chez Soi

This is a charming family run restaurant which has been serving fine cuisine since the early 20th century. Originally it was called Chez Georges but after visitors said it reminded them of eating at home, it was renamed. The menu here is of the traditional haute cuisine variety and includes such delicacies as Marinated Royal Codfish and pan fried prawn. There is also the chance to have a cooking demonstration by top chef Lionel Rigolet. The demonstration is then followed afterwards with a tasting session involving six courses along with wine and coffee.

Cheese is a popular staple in Belgium


Belga Queen

Self described as a gateway space offering a gastronomic trip throughout Belgium, The Belga Queen is situated in a landmark building dating from the 18th century and serves Belgian cuisine with a contemporary twist. Offering a range of traditional dishes complimented with a sprinkling of beer. All wines served come from Belgium and the coffee beans sourced from around the world are roasted locally.

Fine wine is another Brussels favourite


Fin de Siecle

Focusing on Belgian, European and vegetarian cuisine, Fin de Siecle is famed for its quality home cooked food and welcoming hospitality. Here you will find a reasonably priced menu offering plenty of choice for lovers of meat, all set in a candlelight atmosphere.

Brussels cuisine caters to a variety of tastes


La Maree Gourmande

La Maree as its known to locals as a Brussels stalwart, having been in operation for over 30 years. Earning a reputation as the go to restaurant for fans of all things of a seafood variety, La Maree take pride in the quality of the fish they serve. Some of its more popular dishes include fried sole fish and steamed stake with butter. And for dessert, diners will not want to miss house specialty, Pastry Michou. The restaurant is located perhaps aptly in the centre of Brussels, just behind the fish market.

Fish dinner
Fish is a delicacy in La Maree


Arion Cafe

Focusing on cuisine from France, Belgium and Europe in general, this restaurant has garnered a reputation for good service and tasty food. Here you will find a menu with a wide variety of options listed in both French and English. The restaurant is situated in central Brussels and provides a large dining area with a side bar which sells a whole range of traditional Belgian beers.

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