Louis – or bear as he is known in our family – was first introduced into our household in 2009. He was a tiny pup when he was first bought home and we got him from one of my Aunts who breeds this type of dog (Schnauzer). To this day I think she gave us the ‘broken one’ of the litter so she didn’t have to sell it to anyone else. Not that I would have it any other way…


He is slightly special and slightly needy to say the least. The summer we bought him home he spent most days jumping around disrupting my sunbathing in the garden, often jumping on me and pulling up the new garden plants – bet mum regretted having the garden recently renovated when he came home… The winter after this he managed to steal a pack of antibiotic tablets (meant for humans) off the dining room table and later have to be taken to the vets to have his stomach pumped in case he had eaten any of them (he hadn’t, we later just found lots of chewed up plastic, this was a very expensive ‘just in case’)

Whilst all of this is occurring, he would spend a great deal of time playing by himself in the garden (throwing a wellington boot from one side of the garden, retrieving it and throwing it back) and catching bumble bees which evidently then sting him in his mouth and he spends a great deal of time after feeling sorry for himself. Oh and then trying to catch birds which are far too high up to reach.

He’s not all bad though, he does provide a great deal of family entertainment (in the form of all these stories alone) and is terribly funny when he is pushing cushions off our sofa to make room for an afternoon nap, or when he takes up half the bed when he comes for morning cuddles and not to forget just the funny bearded face he looks at you with. The name Schnauzer after all does come from the German for ‘mustache’ because of their bearded snouts! And if you wonder where the nickname is from it is probably because he is incredibly cuddly, ‘Louis Bear’ or just ‘Bear’ has been taken on by the whole family.