Meet Joey O’Shea


My name is Joey and I’m a King Charles Cavalier born and bred in Brussels and can proudly say I am the most loved dog EVER !   My pet is Irish and a gem.  We each have our talents.  I prowl our home and keep it safe while she is at work.    I keep myself busy while she is out.  She thinks I polish the silver but in fact I have my own social media pages and with my network of 4 legged and human friends I am kept well occupied.      Herself cuddles me upon request and sometimes just for the pure fun of it !  I’v impeccable manners and bless we have a rota of human friends who want to borrow me so Herself can fly home or anywhere else come to think of it ! I’m child friendly and good at all sorts of languages.

I’m a constant in my pet’s  life.  She’s had some rough times in the last 2 years and boy I can tell you  I’m always there to cheer her up, take her out for a long walk, and generally get her mind off things as she loves looking after me !    But things are changing.  This year I was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and well we both have to come to terms with my impending departure. I’m taking quite a bit of medication but provisional results show it’s all worth it as things have not gotten worse in the last few months.

Some of our best memories are when we went to training.  After 3 weeks the trainer told my pet that I was very obedient but my pet needed more classes.  Apparently she just looked into my eyes an d her heart gave way and I got what I wanted.  The trainer put that to a sudden end.   Another time she got a phone call asking what she was doing the following weekend.  After she replied “nothing .. why do you want to meet up”  – The caller was taken aback and said “No, I wanted to take Joey camping in the Ardennes with me, Can I take him for a week with the family ?”;   Umm Herself was not too impressed by being left behind but what a hoot eh !   I’v met an ex President of Russia – well I peed on the wheel of his car.  That counts no ?   and I’v met the King and Queen of Belgium as they share the same park as me.   Well I am a King so it all makes sense that we are neighbours.

If I win this competition I’m going to dedicate this piece of work to all the ladies and gentlemen who look after me and my pet.  Thanks everyone !


Joey O’SHEA (8)