My & My Best Friend Instagram & Short Story Blog and Contest

The Me & My Best Friend Blog is created by you, our followers, and is about you and your best pal in the world, your dog.  Instagram photo entries (#expatdog) and short story submissions for the Me & My Best Friend Contest are all compiled here, in one place, for everyone to appreciate.

To enter the contest with your best Instagram photo of you and your pup, simply attach the hashtag ‘#expatdog’ to the photo.  Photos must be made public and accessible to be entered into the contest.  As images are submitted, these will be posted to our Facebook Page Album. Winners of the photo contest will be determined by you, our followers!  The images with the most “likes” win.

If you prefer prose to photos, submit your short stories (500 words or less) to, for an equal chance to win tickets.  Short stories will be posted to this blog as we receive them.  Like the Instagram photos, you, our followers will vote for your favorite short stories by noting your vote in the comments section of the blog or by sending a private email to

Photos and short stories will be accepted from October 23rd through December 1st.  Winners will be announced on December 3rd.

All submitted photos and short stories must be your own images and words. You can only submit images of your own dog unless you have the owner’s permission. If anyone other than you appears in the image, you must get permission from the other person(s) before submitting the image. By submitting your images or stories to Me & My Best you are agreeing to the terms of the competition and blog. To read the full Terms & Conditions, click here.