The best Rio de Janeiro and Brazil blogs

There are a lot of great bloggers out there and what is better than getting first-hand advice from people who are living in Rio de Janeiro or other places in Brazil?

Without further ado… here’s my selection of the best blogs about Rio de Janeiro and Brazil I found so far. They are listed in no particular order.


Rio de Janeiro

  • Eat Rio – A blog about Rio. What is it like to live here? What are the best things to do when you’re in town? Where should you eat and what are the culinary highlights? What do you need to know about Carnival? Eat Rio is also about Brazil. How is Brazil changing? What is Brazilian music like? How hard is Brazilian Portuguese? What about Brazilian politics, history and culture?
  • Rachel’s Rantings – Momma, Wife, Woman, ex-Pat, American, Brazilian at heart, cranky, Sassy, Ridiculous… I’m just a big old mixing pot living life in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Hidden Pousadas Brazil – Alison McGowan has been living in Brazil for over 20 years and is a real expert on the absolute most gorgeous places to stay in Brazil

  • Rio Real – Julia Michaels has been living in Brazil since 1981 and in her blog she gives us a constructive and critical view of Rio de Janeiro’s ongoing transformation, both in English and Portuguese. 
  • The real Rio de Janeiro – The blog of the hostel Casa 597, located in the hills of Santa Teresa, with a wealth of information about current events and activities across the city, snapshots of the local community, Carioca quirks, and insider insights.


  • Danielle in Brazil – Danielle lives in the interior of Brazil and wants to help people who are thinking about moving to Brazil and/or teaching English… 

  • John in Brazil – John moved to Brazil in 2008 and shares “all things Brazil”, and what is so captivating about living in Brazil through words, photos and videos…

  • ExpatBrazil – A seasoned expat in Brazil since 1964 talks about all kinds of Brazil related subjects such as Economy, travel, education, energy, culture, history and much more…  

  • The Brazil Business – A wealth of information for people who are doing business in Brazil or are thinking about doing it. 

  • Born again Brazilian – a New York native, married to a Brazilian man shares her interesting experiences living in São Paulo 

  • Rio Gringa – The Rio Gringa is a New Yorker who lived in Brazil, married a Brazilian, and now lives in the U.S., still covering Brazil from an outsider’s perspective.  

  • Beyond Samba – Melissa Rossi, a Brazilian living abroad, talks about the real Brazil, with its amazing people, landscapes and weather but also with its many political, social and economic challenges.

I know there are probably more great blogs that should be added here, and I will add them as I find them. If you know of a blog that definitely should be on this list, please add a comment below and let me know.