My name is Joanna. I came to Bulgaria 6 years ago, fell in love with the people and the country with all its traditions, bought a home, closed my ethnic shop in UK and moved here permanently 3 years ago. I am married and I have 3 children, 3 step children and 6 grand children.

I started writing blogs a couple of years ago. One is a popular food blog with tried & tested recipes which are traditional here in Bulgaria & others which are adapted to the ingredients we can get here & also made from the produce grown on our property, my other hobby.   Another blog is an ongoing log of our life here with links to the previous year & other ventures into writing.

I hope you enjoy this blog & that it may inspire you to come see Bulgaria, that you will leave a comment & ask questions.

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A New Year A New Me!

Wow it has been a long time since the last blog entry & so much has happened since. I apologise for being absent for so long. Unfortunately my […]

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Home Sweet Home, Viva Bulgaria

Oh soooooo pleased to be “Home” I am no longer a fish out of water & I have my place of safety, my home. I don’t think we […]

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England The Jubilee & Rain Rain Rain While Bulgaria Swealters

Apart from being with family & the fact England is glorious in the sunshine the other great thing about being here, at this time, is the Queens Diamond […]

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A Fish Out Of Bulgaria

I do rather feel at a loss here in the UK, rather lost & vulnerable. It’s strange & I don’t like it!!!!! I am staying with family so […]

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An Expat Away From “Home” ?

Well here I am in a dull, windy, bleak & rainy UK. I haven’t set foot in England for two & a half years. It’s funny how even […]

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What can I say, now we are all out & about again in Bulgaria. Now we have all shaken off the snow & hibernation blues, exasperation returns as part of […]

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Snow, Easter & Hot Cross Buns in Bulgaria

So Spring arrived & we all shot into the garden, getting some sun & doing garden work, planting etc. Then we had three days of strong  winds then […]

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Spring Has Sprung

Hoorahhhhh finaly someone has switched on the Spring! We have had some sunny days & even a couple where we just wore a cardigan. It is by the […]

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Garden Planning

Phew winter is really on its way out. I have been out three times with no coat on, a cardigan yes but too hot for a winter coat. […]

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Exciting times ahead & A Recipe

Spring is coming, soon we all hope. This means we are now thinking about what to plant & what will be preserved.  I thought as I was blogging […]

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