Home Sweet Home, Viva Bulgaria

Oh soooooo pleased to be “Home” I am no longer a fish out of water & I have my place of safety, my home.

I don’t think we fully understand the importance of our places of safety, our homes. For some this may be a caravan, a tent, a shed or even a cardboard box, but take it away & we are vulnerable.  For me anyway, I was very vulnerable not having a room to go to, to be alone, a place of retreat, or to be able to go to bed early ( I slept on a sofa most of the 6 weeks).

Don’t get me wrong I loved being with my family, I love them so so much & I did not mind sleeping on the sofa after the first few bad nights I found my position 🙂 but to be home is wonderful. As soon as I got off the plane I felt right, back with my other half & in the place I am meant to be! Do you ever feel like that? It’s a shock isn’t it! We feel strong & know we can do anything we put our minds to, I mean crikey we have lived life 🙂

I came out of the airport in Romania (yes Romania) & was engulfed in the most amazing smell, the air was fragrant & beautiful, I felt like I was being welcomed home, even though we still had a drive to get across the border. At first I couldn’t work out what it was, I knew I recognised it but just could not place it. Suddenly it hit me its the Lipa tree, a tree we make tea from. Ohhh the smell is gorgeous, floral & sweet. It wraps you like a soft pashmina. The fragrance followed us all the way home to my door, we have the tree near our gate :-)))) A few days later we harvested  the flowers & leaves which are now drying nicely for a gorgeous cuppa :-)))))

Kami, very emotional & pleased I’m home

The weather here couldn’t be more different than the UK & I have really tried hard not to moan lol, typical English never satisfied, but it is sooooooooo hot that its hard to not say, “Phew, it’s too hot”.  The weekend I got home was fantastic & I felt very welcomed home 🙂 The first day we went to friends for catch up & delicious dinner in the garden, thanks guy’s xxxxx It was lovely to feel the sun on my skin with warmth in it. Then the next day we had a pool party, what a way to Christen the pool 🙂 Nige did the BBQ & we all got in the pool together, lovely!!!! I had the best welcome home ever!

Three of my babies with one off doing her own thing ;-D

It’s been super busy here but super great too, its summer which means Socialising big time, everything revolves around socialising.  I had friends coming to stay one week after my return. Not a problem! Well not normally but as I had been away for 6 weeks it turned out I had lots of work to do.  I had so much stuff to unpack & find a place for. I have a very small kitchen area & lack storage space, which, when you are a baker, is a difficulty. The heat meant I could do hardly anything as I was exhausted too.  Then the thing I didn’t take into account was seeing & not neglecting my friends! This is very important & I had missed them all. Market day was great as I went with friends we had lunch then when Nige came home we all went out for a very informal cheap meal in their local Mehana. That is what I have missed while in the UK, the informal off the cuff social aspect of life here. Cheap meals out with fantastic food that comes to less than a burger for 3 courses & drink!!!!!

Coffee in the over grown garden!

Thank goodness our friends are the, settle in & take us as you find us, type of people, just like us.  Wow, that was a busy 4 days we had with them too 🙂 They absolutely fell in love with Bulgaria & didn’t want to leave! They have a house here & will be moving over full time in 3 yrs, so it was wonderful to see how much Bulgaria affected them!  We had a great time & found a wonderful new restaurant on the Danube, wow food was amazing, sea food wow, nom nom nom. The view was amazing too & it was very romantic!

Chilling in Bulgaria, over a meal off course!

Chill time now but I am struggling with the exhaustion & heat. You would think I would be in the pool every day, but no!!!!! I have kept out of the sun for the most part, till it cools down later in the day, very unlike me! & I have sooo much to do too & I just can’t get any energy going. I guess I have lived here long enough to know that the heat & the sun will be here for the next 3 months before it cools down a bit lol.  For those of you who are stuck in the nightmare of the UK summer I am sure you would love to be here, if you are coming please shade, shade, shade! Protect, protect, protect ;-D

Bulgaria in the summer is a beautiful place to be…………