When I began this blog, I knew I want to give all my insights of Shanghai to other people, as I had tough times in China, because I didn´t speak Chinese. Now it is much better, as many people speak English. I hope to help with this blog other people to make a move to Shanghai or get to know the city better.

If you have questions or you want me to write about a topic, which you are interested in, just let me know and I will give my insider tips about Shanghai to you.

Besides blogging, I love to do all kind of sports, drinking a good glass of wine in a nice bar or at home and meet new people from all over the world. Its great to open your mind from other perspectives.

Thank you for reading my blog posts and for inspiring me to keep writing them!!!

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Subway (metro) system in Shanghai

  In my first post, I gave you an overview of the subway system and all kinds of transportations in Shanghai. This time, I give you all the […]

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Housing in Shanghai – general guideline

Shanghai is one of China’s biggest city and most prosperous city, almost in the world. It has a long history, back to the 11th century of the Song […]

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Those Pearls Floating Down the Rivers and Lakes – Travel Notes on Historical Towns Near Shanghai

In the traditional Chinese concept, there is a region called Jiangnan which, since its development in the Southern Song Dynasty, has been a center of the Chinese economy […]

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Rules for transportation in Shanghai

 Coming to Shanghai was one of the best things in my life! 2010, I was the first time in Shanghai and I loved it immediately, but I had tough times, […]

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