Top 10 Spas in Bogota


Every year in the month of May comes a special day that makes for some great family moments, but also has the potential for great anxiety. Where to go, what to give and how to avoid the crowds in restaurants have become staple queries of Mother’s day. This year, we propose you take a break, catch a massage and give the mothers in your life, or yourself, a day off at the spa.

Shivana Spa

This spa provides a perfect getaway location for those who prefer to relax surrounded by nature. The spa is located in the mountains in the city north, easy to access but it gives you the feeling of being miles away from civilization. The therapies in this spa are inspired by the four elements.

Chairama Spa

If you are curious about the feeling and the magin in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, you are in luck, there is no need to catch a flight across the country to experience it. (Although highly recommended if you can). This Colombian magin inspired spa is located close to Parque de la 93 and offers a great halt to your everyday routine, plus a  Peruvian restaurant called Sumaq, to finish off a great day.

Ylang Spa

This spa was inspired by the harmony of the tree by the same name. The relaxing services include massages, aromatherapy, hot tubs and other wet areas and chocolate therapy.

Entremonte Wellness Hotel & Spa

This place just outside the city in Apulo, Cundinamarca, is great for making a weekend out of it. Rooms with private pool, steam room, sauna, hot tub and massage showers. Eco hikes and stress management classes top up the relaxing spa experience.

Thermae Spa

This spa is located in the Hotel de la Opera, a beautiful colonial space in the historical neighbourhood of la candelaria. The spa plans can be combined with a stay in the hotel, a romantic dinner, and breakfast buffet.

Estelar Paipa Hotel & Centro de Convenciones 

Located two hours away from Bogota, on the shores of Sochagota lake, the spa has all the elements to make for a great weekend trip; sauna, termal pool and hot tubs, massages, and beauty salon. Additionally, horse back riding, cycling, eco walks, birdwatching and minigolf.

Sharova Day Spa

Focused on ayurvedic philosophy, the spa is a combination of health and exotic rituals includin thai masases, veil stretching and purifying hindu rituals. Facials are highly recommended on a visit to this spa.

Wellness Spa móvil

This is a great alternative for those who don’t have the time or availability to check in at a spa, the mobile spa comes to your house and performs the best treatments directly in the comfort of your own home. Great idea to treat your mother to a great day without leaving the house.

JW Marriott Hotel

In the middle of the financial centre of the city, this Little hideaway in the JW Marriot hotel offers the best way to break the rut and relax. Pool, sauna and therapeutic baths, alongside parafine treatments and peelings. Great for a couple’s massage before rushing back to the office.

Lotus Thai Spa

This spa is a Little piece of Asia in Bogota. Focused on traditional Thai massage with the proper techniques and staff trained in south east Asia, this place is a pleaser for those with high expectations.

You can find further details and contact information for all these spas in our business directory, and hopefully you’ve gotten an idea of a great present for the mothers in your life.