My Costa Rica Garden is about enjoying the abundance of nature that we have in Costa Rica.  The balance of rain, soil and near perfect climate allow me to enjoying my passion for gardening.  Everything grows in Costa Rica and cultivating your own vegetables, fruits and herbs can be a rewarding experience which I will sure with you.

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Dominical Beach Trip

This weekend we had the opportunity to get away and travel down to the beach town of Dominical located in the southern pacific coast of Costa Rica.    […]

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The Coffee Tree

A couple of years ago I planted some coffee trees on the property just to see how they develop.    I am at about 2,700 ft. above sea […]

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Costa Rica Sloth Refuge

If you have the opportunity to see a sloth in real life it is truly a magnificent experience that you should not pass up.   I recently had […]

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In Costa Rica if you plant it they will grow

Costa Rica is a very blessed country.  It has the longest un-broken democracy in Latin America.  A highly educated population that has one of the highest life expectancies […]

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