Ancient Kourion (or Curium) was a major centre of cultural, political and religious life. It was home to the centuries-old site of the Sanctuary of Apollo and later the seat of a Christian bishop. Perched on a bluff, the town was founded in the 12th century BC by Mycenaean Greeks, and was a large centre in the days of the Ptolemies and the Romans. Its trump card was its defensive location, and the control it wielded over the surrounding fertile land. Kourion was destroyed by two catastrophic earthquakes in the early 4th century.

The ruins of ancient Kourion which stand in memorable splendour high above the sea are spread over three separate sites. The visible remains date from the Hellenistic (Mycenaean and Dorian), Roman and early Christian periods. Traces of the earlier city kingdom of Kourion have eluded discovery.

Kourion is a half-day trip from Limassol. The stadium has been fully restored and is often used for theatrical and dance performances as well as music concerts.