The Venetian Watchtowers…

The Venetian watchtowers were constructed over 500 years ago and acted as an early warning system against naval attacks and today they remain intact in four separate villages in the Larnaca district. Historians believe that the system would have continued across the Ammochostos region and perhaps the whole of Cyprus.

The first watchtower is in Alaminos village. The second, Regina’s Watchtower is near Pervolia village and is especially well-maintained, located 20 metres from the beach of Pervolia and Kiti villages and two kilometres from the Cape Kiti lighthouse. It is a small but graceful tower and over its entrance you can see the lion of St Mark, the symbol of the Venetian Republic. It was an old observatory where the guard sent messages to the mainland when there were Arab raids. It is said to have been built between 1489 and 1570. An old tradition suggests that there existed and operated an underground tunnel used by Regina when she wanted to go to the baths in Tersefanou. There was a golden chariot, which according to tradition is still buried underground in the tunnel.

The third watchtower is similar to the second in Pyla village, in the centre of Larnaca Bay and the fourth tower is in the village of Xylophagou. These towers offer a glimpse once again into Cyprus’ history and are worth a visit.