Venetian Walls, Nicosia

Construction of the Venetian defence walls that encircle the old town of Nicosia was completed in 1567, three years before the Ottoman invasion. Of the eleven bastions in the walls, five are now in the northern, Turkish sector.

The Quirini bastion is now the residence of the so-called president of the north. The Barbaro bastion houses the National Struggle Museum set up by the army. The Roccas bastion, is now a park. The other two in the Turkish sector are Mula and Loredano. A sixth bastion, Flatro, is split across the ‘Green Line,’ between the Greek and Turkish sides.

Also on the north side, is the Kyrenia Gate, one of the three original gates leading to the Venetian fortress. The point at where the ‘no man’s land’ is at its narrowest is at Pafos Gate; here only a few metres separate the Greeks strolling along the street from the Turks on the bastion.