Hello everyone,

Let me start by welcoming everyone to the blog.  As you may know, this blog will be giving you useful phrases and tips for communicating in Greek on the island.  So, as a first entry I will provide some very useful words/phrases that are often used in the Greek-Cypriot dialect that differ from standard Greek.  Such phrases are useful indeed for following a conversation and for understanding some of the local idioms.   On the first column you can find the standard Greek word/phrase while on the second its equivalent in the dialect.


Standard Greek

Greek-Cypriot Dialect


Εν να

Δεν θα

Ε(ν) θα

Τι κάνεις;

Ην να που καμνείς;

Πως σε λένε;

Ην να που σε λαλούν;

Πού είναι;

Πού ένει;

Μου αρέσει/σου αρέσει;

Αρέσκει μου/αρέσκει σου;

Έλα εδώ

Έλα δα





So, these are some very commonly used words/phrases that are not the same in standard Greek and in the dialect.   The next time you hear someone asking “Ην να που καμνείς;”, you can answer “Είμαι καλά, εσύ;». 

And remember, you do not need to learn the dialect but it helps if you understand it.

Speak to you soon