Female Black Labrador Looking For A Home

Can any of you offer Trumpet a home?  She’s a 2-ish year old female Black Labrador who was recently re-homed from PAWS but isn’t integrating well with the lady’s cats and is obsessing about them constantly.  Her current owner has already had one cat disappear as a result of Trumpet and doesn’t want to risk losing any more or having one of them harmed.  She has done everything she can to avoid re-homing her but as it stands the dog has to be tied up while she lets the cats out for a roam, and then she has to lock the cats inside while the dog has use of the garden.  It’s not ideal for any of the animals and having been called round to assess the situation I’ve advised her that it would be kinder to Trumpet to find her a home where there are no cats so she can be loose and free all the time and stop obsessing about the cats, which isn’t healthy for anybody.

Other than the cat issue, Trumpet is a gorgeous girl who gets on fine with the lady’s two existing dogs and is great with people.  She’ll make somebody a lovely, ready made pet, she just can’t go to a house with cats.  Can anybody offer her a permanent home?  Photo below.