Gorgeous puppy needs a home

Hi guys

Can any of you help you help this adorable little lad get a home.  He’s currently in foster care but it’s only a temporary arrangement and I’d love to get him homed before he has to be taken to a shelter.

Here’s the info I’ve been sent about him from the lady fostering him:

I guess he’s about 8 weeks old, possibly a little less. Lively!!! Vocal!! Clean, seems healthy, had terrible runs the first day, but now eating well and solid poo’s, which he does only outside – not house trained in the ‘wee’ department though. Starting to understand ‘NO’!!
Probably going to be mid size, not smooth coat, and not shedding much. Totally black except for white flash on chest and white rear paws.
I am happy to foster him for a few days, but he does need a good home as I am getting attached – he’s very personable – and can not keep him full time with baby on the way.
If you feel you can give this cheeky little lad a home please let me know.  He looks like a real character!!!
Ps.  I can’t work out how to put a blooming photo on here so go to my Facebook page (lindsay cowie dog-training) to see an image or email me and I’ll send you one!!  Technology eh?