Mum & Son Homeless – Can Anybody Help?

Hi all

Sorry to keep bombarding you with these begging emails but it seems that there’s a bit of a surge of homelessness at the moment so every little helps.  Please look at the photos attached and read the text below.  So, so sad.  If anybody can offer these dogs a permanent home you’d be doing a great thing.  They’ve had a terrible time so far.  It hasn’t been specified whether or not they can be homed separately but I’m sure for the right home that won’t be a problem.  Picture’s not great but you get the idea.

“This little girl was ‘living’ at the side of a busy dangerous road.  I saw her yesterday. A man said she’d had five pups. Three died.  One had followed her on to the road and was killed.  We went back later and she was with the surviving pup. They are here in peace and safety now. Very quiet, kind dogs. The pup is gorgeous. Plump little thing that wags his tail. My photo doesn’t do him justice.

I have five dogs already. I don’t want to take them to the shelter – it’s full, and it’s noisy, and they’ve had enough suffering.  They are happy and healthy. Maybe someone would give them a chance at life.  They are gentle creatures.”