Finding a new normal

Having a baby is a life changing event; it is a steep learning curve and requires many adjustments to a couple’s ‘pre-baby lifestyle. What happens then when you move abroad just 6 months into this new life?


We arrived in Cyprus in November 2009; Aaron was very lucky to find work quickly and started in the New Year. As pleased as I was this left me alone with a baby every day for the first time since he was born and it wasn’t always easy.


There are not so many ways in which a new mum can meet people as there are in the UK, there every way you turn is an organized coffee morning or a baby group of every kind you could imagine. A January day in Cyprus without a car can be a very long day with  a high maintenance baby to look after!


I was lucky in the fact that I had made friends with a fellow Mum via facebook before we moved, she had been here 3 years so could tell me lots about living here and she showed me where to find a bargain, what to do at the hospital and most importantly was in walking distance.


Soon I got a car which helped a great deal – I had not been without a car since the age of 18 and I felt lost without one. I also discovered ‘Jingle Jangles’ music group for under 3’s at Tempo dance school and met some more great people there. I found a great website – ‘Mum’s In Cyprus’ but still struggled to find things to do in our area. I eventually I set up a Facebook group called ‘East Coast Mum’s’ through which I have arranged many meet ups and made new friends.


Now, coming up to two years later I have a fantastic group of friends and I feel completely at home. I don’t really know how being a ‘stay at home Mum’ would be in the UK as I’ve been doing it much longer here than there, but I guess it would involve a lot less time spent at the pool!