First week at school – a belated update!

Originally written back in June after my nursery debate and my son’s first week at nursery schoo


On Monday, Leo had his first day at school, although not a complete disaster he didn’t really enjoy it.  I think the main problem was that he didn’t realise I was coming back for him! OnTuesday I made sure I explained before we left and again when we got to school that I was going to work (he understands that better than anything else) and I’d be back in an hour.  He was not happy and although he wanted to go he didn’t want me to leave him.   His teacher took him and I gave him a quick kiss and said goodbye,  he was crying but was so sweet as he was also trying not to.  As I left I could hear his little cries and him saying ‘I need my Mummy to stay here’

Wednesday when I picked him up after 2 hours he seemed much happier, apparently they had given him a biscuit and a banana and that ‘made me happy and not crying any more’ He was very pleased to see me and showed me the other children, the teacher got them to wave and say bye, and he waved back saying ‘See you tomorrow’  He said he hadn’t played with the toys but he only cried a little bit because ‘you said you would come back, and now you come back and that’s good’

When I peaked in as I arrived the teacher and children were sitting in a big circle singing, he wasn’t joining in which is to be expected as it was all in Greek but I felt so sorry for him sitting there not knowing what they were saying, yet again I felt bad that we had ‘made’ him live in this country!

Thursday was another improvement, the first day where we had no meltdown about going in the first place.  It was my Dad’s birthday and I told him that after school we would be able togive him his surprise cake so he was looking forward to that.  Today I was leaving him for 3 hours and I was a little nervous for him as he would be there over different activities.  When I went to get him I managed to see him for a few minutes before he noticed me – all the children were having a ‘free play time’  and were scattered around the room, Leo was sitting on his own looking around and absent-mindedly playing with a brick, he looked very lost but he wasn’t crying so it could have been worse!

When he saw me his face lit up and he charged over to me, bottom lip quivering again but telling me how he hadn’t cried and he was so happy to see me.  He said he had had fun and played on the toys outside, and ate his food at the round table with the other children  (he had told me the day before he was too scared to do that)

He told me he ‘creeped through the tunnel, it was very colourful and then proceeded to name all the colours for me…. in Greek  🙂

Friday he actually asked to go to school whilst eating his breakfast!  When it was time to go he went without a fuss, walked in and gave me a kiss goodbye with a problem.  This was to be pretty much a full session as Eleni suggested I collected him at 1pm / 1.30pm ish.    When I arrived he was sitting with just a handful of kids as most were going for a sleep, he charged down the corridor to me starting to cry a little but was actually quite happy when I asked him about his day. 
He said he had eaten all his food and had some lunch which looked like pasta and he ate four bits and it was yummy! 

All in all I think it’s been a successful week, I was so pleased and proud of him when I collected him on Friday afternoon, I think he’s done so well in s short space of time. The strangest thing for me is not knowing what he’s been doing as his answers are very vague!