My Cyprus ‘Bucket list’

Many years ago I sat with Cyprus guidebook excitedly flicking through the pages dreaming of all the places I would visit when it became our new home, no need to pick the best few things to fit into a 2 week holiday, I was anticipating going everywhere and doing everything.

Of course, when we first signed our ‘UK’ lives away and made the decision to move we were yet to have children – footloose and fancy free with no consideration to driving distances, nap times, pushchairs or little toddling legs on uneven ground or whining children.

Five years on and I still feel I am yet to see the ‘real’ Cyprus, or even the ‘real Cyprus’ as portrayed in the guide books,  the museums, archaeological sites and traditional villages.


With absolutely no intention to do so, most of our friends seem to be fellow British expats and on the still rare occasions we go out we end up in ‘expat pubs’ as that’s where our friends are which doesn’t really help in getting to know the real Cyprus.  I’d love to know more about the history of the area, and how much it has changed over the years, I really need to improve my Greek – or at least increase my confidence to even try to speak it. My problem is that even when speaking to Cypriots who speak good English they struggle to understand me as I talk too fast!

I’ve been saying for years I’d love to go to a Greek wedding (especially as I’ve only been to about 5 weddings in my whole life and one of those was mine!) Of course, with the way Greek weddings generally work I could have been to many by now as we often get invites in the postbox to weddings happening in the village but I don’t want to go that much to be on my own without knowing anyone!


Going places is slowly getting easier though and with the launch of  the Famagusta Parents Network it’s been the perfect excuse to get out and about and start to work my way through the list in my head – all for the purpose of ‘research’!

With this in mind I’ve started to create my ultimate ‘To Go’ list based on how much I love my lists!  There is no time limit on the list  as it mainly depends on having the finances to fund all these excursions.

My wish list ranges from easy, inexpensive local visits to not so cheap or island wide jaunts requiring a bit more thought with a demanding 5 year old and a 2 year old.

You can see the list at ‘Must See Cyprus’, let me know if I’ve missed anything you’d recommend doing in Cyprus.