The best bouncy castle ever!

Apart from the beach and pools there are very few good places to take little ones here in Cyprus. Parks are very few and far between and are usually not all that good and play areas are often a little bit worse for wear – usually sun-damaged and sometimes the toys can be quite dangerous. 
So we were quite excited this year when an established restaurant in nearby Kapparis opened up a play area.  Initially we were disappointed that it didn’t open until 6pm but realised it would be just too hot to go there during the day.  
It costs €6 euro per child to enter and they can stay as long as they wish. We’ve been twice now in the last month, first for a ‘Mum’s and Kids’ meet up arranged via Facebook for anyone who fancied joining us, and then again on Friday to celebrate my birthday (You know you’re getting old when you pick somewhere like this!) 

The play area has the best bouncy castle I’ve ever seen, and a huge inflatable bouncy slide, along with a couple of trampolines, swings and  a ball pool (which could actually do with a helluva lot more balls in it!) Leo absolutely loves it, and the big kid in me loves it too!  I had a ball running around on the bouncy castle with him, and going on the big slide but was pleased that he also happily played without me as it was exhausting!

On Friday to celebrate my birthday we also had dinner there, prices were not as cheap as I’d expected (although I probably shouldn’t have chosen one of the most expensive things – Fillet steak with Roquefort sauce, but I had been waiting 9 months to have something like that!) but the menu is good and they do everything from burgers and omelettes to traditional Cypriot meze and Klefitko.   They also have an extensive cocktail menu which I thought I should try out 🙂