I have lived in Cyprus, on a full time basis, since moving from Kendal in 2003. I am a keen walker, piano player and a generally busy person. I am happily married to Eileen. We have been together for almost twenty years. I am also a big fan of rugby league, being a fan of Bradford Northern, now Bradford Bulls, for over fifty years! We support orphans in Romania. A  former colleague has a Romanian mother, who travels  there twice annually, to ensure all the money we raise goes to the needy children. Our walking group: The Happy Wanderers, Paphos. supports the orphans too, with regular contributions to the children there. Since we left Cyprus in 2013, I have continued to maintain my links with Cyprus. We have made three visits: two last year. My wife, Eileen, will have survived twenty-five years of marriage on the 4th Of July. My mother asked her last November: “Are you still sane?” Mum died last December. Her ashes are in our garden in Cleveleys, under our apple tree!

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“Rickaby’s The Cure!”

I have been dreaming of Happy Wanderers’ walks. It is a cure for Brexititis!     “Proud Walkers” A  N  O  T  H  E  R      W  […]

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Hosepipe-Ban…. Cancelled?

The threat of a hosepipe-ban in Lancashire brought, of course, lots of rain! xx   Wales or Cyprus?       W  I  N  D        […]

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The Cure Is To Be Found In Emba!

No stress in Paphos!         “I   D O      N O T      D O      S  T  R  E  S  […]

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The Antidote To Grumpiness?

Could Brexit be the cause of Mr. Grumpy’s presence? G  R  O  W      S  O  M  E      W  I  N  G  S  ?   […]

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Safer Drivers In Cyprus?

I had only been walking for ten minutes…. before an Audi driver raced past, with his phone pressed to his ear!       R  A  C  E […]

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“Keep In Touch, Dave!”

Barbara Rich was a lovely friend and a fine walker. May she rest in peace! David A xx   “Yiamas, Barbara!”   “B  Y  E’      B  […]

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A Weed Alert!

Our neighbour opposite is an expert weed-grower!       D  E  A  R        W  E  E  D  –  G  A  R  D  E  N  […]

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Tatcon Festival in Blackpool!

One of my first poems, for this blog, was about a tattooed guy on the beach: Vardas Beach in Cyprus. The “Tatcon” festival is at the Norbreck Castle […]

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Nuptials For The Chosen Two!

Further adventures for Moosey Boy and his bride!   “Now we are one!”   T  R  U  E        H  A  P  P  I  N  E  […]

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“I Demand Compensation!”

A poor Brexit woman finds herself surrounded by Spaniards in Benidorm! “Dear Brexit Queen!” (What fame she has earned!)     T  O  O        M  […]

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