I have lived in Cyprus, on a full time basis, since moving from Kendal in 2003. I am a keen walker, piano player and a generally busy person. I am happily married to Eileen. We have been together for almost twenty years. I am also a big fan of rugby league, being a fan of Bradford Northern, now Bradford Bulls, for over fifty years! We support orphans in Romania. A  former colleague has a Romanian mother, who travels  there twice annually, to ensure all the money we raise goes to the needy children. Our walking group: The Happy Wanderers, Paphos. supports the orphans too, with regular contributions to the children there. Since we left Cyprus in 2013, I have continued to maintain my links with Cyprus. We have made three visits: two last year. My wife, Eileen, will have survived twenty-five years of marriage on the 4th Of July. My mother asked her last November: “Are you still sane?” Mum died last December. Her ashes are in our garden in Cleveleys, under our apple tree!

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Still More And More Memories!!

A friend has just completed a “Monday Walk” from Amargeti with visiting friends.     T   h   e   r   a   p   y […]

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More Memories!

Dear Paphos ex-pat group: more memories! (A sonnet.)   S  e  e      Y  o  u      A  l  l      S  o  o  n  […]

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“Fruitcake Time!”

Let’s all go La-La together!   G  o  i  n  g        C  r  a  c  k  e  r  s  !   Going nutty! Bacon butty […]

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The Old Folk Saga!

  My second visit to a dementia unit. The music calms the residents: “Can you come every day?”   M  u  s  i  c      M  a  […]

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“Play It Again, David!”

    I am back playing for the “old folk” in Poulton-le-Fylde.   R  a  i  s  i  n  g      S  p  i  r  i  t  […]

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Nothing Ever Happens!

A lovely blue wall-sign in Warwick announced: “On this site Sept.5.1782..Nothing Happened!”     Topsy-Turvy “Hospital”.         T   o   l   e   […]

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A Day In The Life Of A Walker / Cyclist!

My friend calls himself an old man… NEVER!       C y  c  I  i  s  t      /     W  a  l  k  e  […]

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Chaos Turns To Peace!

What an awful world!     L  e  t  ‘  s         E  s  c  a  p  e  !   Lots of water pouring forth  […]

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A Cultured Guy!

My friend, Donald, is busy shaping his bush in Paphos!     S  h  e  e  r        P  e  r  f  e  c  t  i  […]

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The Litter-Picker’s Delight!

The herring gulls do not usually provide “entertainment”!   A      C  r  a  f  t  y        G  u  l  l  !   Another […]

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