A Day In The Life Of A Walker / Cyclist!

My friend calls himself an old man… NEVER!


“An Old Master?



C y  c  I  i  s  t      /     W  a  l  k  e  r


“Old man”, busy scaling hills

Stevie H’, no common Bills!

Iron Bridge, a peaceful scene

Valley first, he’s not as keen!


Bird that sings, a cloudless sky

Ascent starts, a happy guy

Pounding heart, he’s so alive

Such terrain, he’ll always thrive!


Choulou view, a fine descent

Walker has a “fitness bent”

Foot or cycle, “Vroom-the Vroom”

One day p’rhaps, a Chrissie Froome?


Planning walks, another track

Rucksack on a sturdy back

Thoughts of Dolly gone away?

On this special walking day


“Olive Tree”, a Leon treat

Resting body, aching feet

Thinking of his “poet friend”…

Going slowly ’round the bend?


Cycling, walking, number one

In the warming Cyprus sun

Fine taverna, mem’ries flood…..

Save forever if I could….

Christmas, Amargeti calls

Happy times my mind recalls!  “Yiamas!”