A Hiking Haunting!

Walkers come and go!




“A Ghostly walker!”


akamas walk
“Those walkers!”


G  H  O  S  T  L  Y        W  A  L  K  E  R  S  !


GHOSTLY WALKERS, some are falling

German friend, called Heinz, appalling!  (“Happy Birthday, Heinz!)

Akamas, Dave Lewis helps

Running, hears some little yelps!


Salamiou, a convoy walking

Ashes carried, no one talking!

Village, visited each year

“Poet’s” eye, it drops a tear


Birthday Time… of others thinking

Some “depart” just whilst I’m blinking

Silence up on Koili Hill

‘Good to have some time to kill!


Droushia and Dear Tony’s hiking  (Mr. Rafe)

When he’s done, he’s wildly biking

Maureen waves high on a cloud….

Never liked the walking crowd!


Ian Herley, look, he’s waving!

Soon for Cyprus walks he’s craving

David Hornsby, once was king

‘Liked to do his “army thing”!


I perceive some shadows forming

Early morn’, the air is warming

Group of Monday walkers chat

One, he wears a silly hat!   (Myself!)


“Where’ve they gone, nostalgia gripping?


Donkey track, no longer used

‘Feels as though my mind has fused!


Georgie Bates with “shorter” walkers

Theses are really Happy Talkers

“Olive Tree” or “Spring of Life”

“Gone” some husbands… lonely wife!


Raise a glass to those “departed”

All of them were kind, warm-hearted

Friday walkers all alone

Listen to this “poet” groan!   For Heinz Hube. We did many walks together. xxxx