A Local Hero!

“I’m on Luke’s side!”

On the day when most ex-pats in Cyprus vote to keep Lord Snooty in power, to protect their pensions… let’s celebrate a real hero! Luke is with his carer on every Tuesday. He elects to pick up the litter and rubbish in Anchorsholme.


H   a   p   p   y        L   u   k   e  !


Luke! Luke!

Anchor’s Duke  (Anchorsholme)

Litter droppers he’ll rebuke

Cleaning up the local mess

He’s my hero, ‘must confess!


Mess! Mess!

Doggie mess

Dropped by giant dog named Jess

Picking up the local crap

All offenders get a ZAP!


Bags! Bags!

Piles of fags

Till receipts and clothing tags

Like a vacuum’… hoovers up

Cans of ale and plastic cup!


Gum! Gum!

Chewing gum

Broken bottle, once had Rum

Lots of packets, crisps and fags

Multitude of plastic bags!


Mail! Mail!

“Voting Mail!”

Blowing ’round in latest gale

Happy Luke won’t miss a bit

With this “poet”, he’s a HIT!


Wow! Wow!

Take a bow!

Luke cleans up the streets somehow

Grateful, his persistence wins

Puts all litter in the bins!    A local hero! x x x x