A Preston Meeting!

“Back together!” xx


I met someone special from the past on Sunday.




A      S  T  R  A  N  G  E  R      F  R  O  M      T  H  E      P  A  S  T


Stranger from the past I’m meeting

‘Giving me the warmest greeting

“Costa Coffee”, Sunday morn’

Could this be a brand new dawn?


“Georgia On My Mind” discussing

Kids on bikes: “Oh, stop your fussing!”

Local Gala, lots of stress   (Penwortham)

Lad is in an awful mess


Sense of humour, face is beaming

This is Robert….. “Am I dreaming?”

Memories of Staining life

When his mother was my wife


Channel crossing, super ferry

Glass of Red, I’m feeling merry

Driving south, it starts to rain

“Bring me here, it’s such a pain!”  (“Would you bring me all this way for rain?”)


Paziols, we’re reminiscing

“Fam’ly is what I’m missing!”

Almeria, ‘feel alone

Infidelity atone!


‘Got a house, I borrowed money

Preston: land of bread and honey?

Rescued by a “Lanky” lass

‘Know that all sad things will pass  (Divorce!)


Twenty years, we’re back together

Falling out, I hope that’s NEVER!

Cappuccino, friendly chat

Sharing views ’bout this and that


Stranger from the past is smiling

All of this fore’er I’m filing

Hugs, departing: “See you soon!”

Back together, what a boon!   For Robert. xxxx