A Special Driver!

Chico was our excellent driver in Costa Rica.


“Drive on, Chico!” xx

C   h   i   c   o  ‘   s      S  o   n   n   e   t


Dear Chico,driver of our coach supreme

You navigate foul roads, avoid all holes

From “”, answer our dream’

A careful driver, you achieve our goals!

Although the A/C far from perfect seems

As well.. we have a mad, eccentric clock  (Never correct!)

Your Costa Rican face, it always beams

And choice of hat so chic, no man could mock!

The road ahead is blocked, but panic not!

A digger works whilst other workers eat

The sweat is pouring down, we all are hot

Yet soon we’re off, all obstacles defeat

All Hail… Great Chico, Driver Number One

A safe route navigates through rain and sun….. “Gracias, amigo!” xx