A Special Pupil

I have known Hayley since 1980. I have been suffering from…. nostalgia recently.


A      N O S T A L G I C      W E D D I N G      T I M E


‘Long time ago since Greenlands High  (Bispham)

‘Was chasing moonbeams in the sky

With Arran, Sumner Winter Queen  (The headmistress)

“Dear” Lodgey, Brigid on the scene   (Deputy head teachers)


Fine lunchtimes: Zola, Moliere

With little time to stand and stare

A Busy Bee, Good Work Book Girl

She had her tutors in a whirl!


Success: St. Hilda’s, dreaming spires

Proud Oxford Hayley soon inspires

A German journey, friend as well

For Bispham’s “Academic Belle”


A wedding, Bispham, lovely boys

To give Dear H… continued joys

Escape: to Cumbria she flies

A marriage over, heavy sighs!


In Ulverston she shines again

But never flirting, “No more men!”

Until a builder, Gray, by name

For more than building won his fame!


He downed his tools and made his move

He liked to party and to groove

Impressed our Hayley, Luke and Ben

He really is the best of men!


A celebration near the Lakes

With lots of booze and wedding cakes

Dear friends and family to cheer

A glass or four of fav’rite beer?


Let’s raise a glass to Hayl’ and Chris

This evening we would never miss!

Long life, success, a smiling mum

A frothing flute of finest Mumm!!!   Zum besten Wohl, Hayley!   A long time ago?