A Super Place!

I have been “entertaining” the residents in the Alexandra Care Home in Thornton.



“T h e     A l e x a n d r a     C o u r t”


“Alex’ Court”, a perfect place

All say that the care is ace

Folks are waiting, Sherry too

Greeted by a friendly “crew”!


Lucky me, a baby grand

Lots of music in my hand

Playing Beatles, Bacharach

“Alfie”, and of hits… no lack!


Atmosphere relaxed and calm

Falling under Alex’s charm

Former policeman with his mum

Melodies I hear him hum


“Exodos”, a solemn piece

From all stress of life release

“Bonnie” rocking with his “Clyde”

“Chopin”, tears I cannot hide!


Room is swaying, piano play

On this freezing Winter’s day

“Lullaby of Birdland” too

In this home… the problems few!


“Rhapsody”, let Gerschwin shine

Then “Mascagni”, so divine!

“Don’t forget the “Phantom”, please”

It’s a cure for aching knees!


“Argentina”, cry for me?

Sherry now replaced by tea!

Turning ’round, just smiling face’

Music at a gentle pace


‘Voting for a “Care Award”…

Goes well with my major chord!

‘Find this home a special place

Comfort to the human race!   For the staff at this special care home. xxxx