A Weed Alert!

Our neighbour opposite is an expert weed-grower!



“Little Weeeeeeds!”


D  E  A  R        W  E  E  D  –  G  A  R  D  E  N  !


Try and find the highest weed

Nice and green, where vermin breed…

On the drive… a startled rat

Chased by neighbour’s pussy cat!


Park a car and leave it there

Six years, does he really care?  (Parked on his garden!)

Scraps of paper strewn inside

“Wear you rubbish, please, with pride!”


Gulls are passing…. ‘choose a roof

‘Find his garden too uncouth  (Even for gulls?)

Pigeons dropping “souvenir”

Right beside a can of beer!


Sun comes out, a gorgeous sheen

On this sad, chaotic scene

Guy walks past, ‘discards a fag

And a dirty plastic bag!


Cello playing, Elgar’s day    (“Classic FM”)

Gosh, I think the weeds do sway!

Add a little dash of pink

Dock leaves too, what do you think?


So majestic, Elgar’s charm

Close the blinds, I’m feeling calm

Sailing to a promised land

Man and nature hand in hand!


Costa Rica, monkeys howl

Far from garden’s nasty scowl

Toucan, parrots, vultures soar

“Cannot see the weeds no more!”  (Any more??)


Waking up, guy’s car starts up  (The loudest exhaust!)

From my Leon glass I sup

Weeds still there…. a Whisky too?

Ease the pain of “weedy zoo”!!    HELP! xxxx  For Paul Galley.