A Windermere Meeting!

What a great place for a bear to meet a partner?


“A Magic Couple!”


“A Magic Lake!”

A      G  R  E  A  T      M   E  E  T  I  N  G  !!


I wandered lonely as a… bear

And didn’t have a single care

Along the shore near Ambleside

I wore my loneliness with pride!


‘Twas rather hot, I bathed my toes

And glowing pink, my splendid nose

To rest my bones, I had a snooze

“I’ve never needed “Leon-booze”!


I dreamed of Cyprus, summer days

When by the pool I used to laze

With B.T.(*) and his wife Chantal   (*) Baby Ted!

‘Was never short of “furry pal”!


When in my dream, I saw a bear

A little “girl”, so cute, I swear!

Approaching, rather coy she seemed

“Hello”, she said, her features beamed


This little creature stole my heart

A donkey pulled us on his cart

I serenaded my new friend

This journey, ‘hoped, would never end!


Proposal very soon ensued

“I hope that I’m not really rude!”

“I’m smitten by your female charms

I’d like to take you in my arms!”


So bashful she, she coloured red

I stroked her lovely furry head

“Come join us, Cyprus, Bali too

We are a famous travelling crew!”


A wedding followed, Coral Bay

A warm and sunny Paphos day

No longer lonely…. famous pair

With lots of time to “stand and stare”!  Who would ever believe it? xx