Advice To All Ex-Pats!

A Cyprus friend posted about his terror of a snake in the house… Help! xx

S  N  A  K  E  S        A  L  I  V  E  !


Keep all snakes out of the house

“Only looking for a mouse!”  (Talking snake?)

Giant spider on your bed?

All of these by “Heaven” bred!


Lizard on the window-sill

Time to down a calming pill?

Have a Leon, Brandy Cy’

Underneath a Tala sky!


Nutcase on a one-way street

Come on, have a Whisky neat!

Wrong way ’round a roundabout

Give this idiot a clout!


Sofa left upon a path

Just ignore it, have a laugh!

Here: “NO SMOKING”… ‘start to choke

Strangle lawless Kisso’ bloke!  (Kissonerga, where Heinz once lived!)


Scooter-driving…. on the right?

Snake to give guy’s rear a bite?

Seat-belts dangling in a car?  (Never?)

Left their brains home in a jar?


Colander on biker’s head  (Trusty helmet?)

‘Think p’rhaps his lights are dead?

Grandson holding torch instead

Really dark, they’ll soon be dead  (I witnessed this in Emba, on the way to a theatre rehearsal)


A NY   BETTER   IN   THE   U.K.?


Hang a poo-bag from a tree

Fill beer bottle with your wee!

Scratch-cards, packets on the street

Racing drivers ALWAYS meet!……




Try Theletra, lots of peace

From the stress of life release

Have a meze.. “Olive Tree”

Then you really feel that you are free!


Tolerance and learn to smile?

Play piano for a while   (Chopin?)

Swimming in your Cyprus pool

Raining here, now who’s the fool?  xxxx