Any Progress?

“A former jewel!”

There was much sadness during our recent trip to Cyprus. One of our favourite tavernas at Monte Beach, Pissouri, closed because of the arrival of a huge hotel complex!






D  e  a  r      M  o  n  t  e      B  e  a  c  h


Dear Monte Beach.. we loved your tasty food

Your hospitality: it was first class

Sea bream with salad brightened up our mood

‘Now view with sadness: “All good things must pass!”

“Columbia Almighty”… kill, destroy

An empty shell.. graffiti: “writ’ in blood”!

Great heartbreak for us: ‘takes away all joy

‘Restore your former glory if we could!

So bleak this scene, we turn away to go

A seagull wails, a magpie chatters past

With litter strewn, our sunshine turns to snow

An eye-sore now, and gone its former cast

We stroll along the ‘Med with moistened eye

Real progress?.. not a chance, I heave a sigh!     R.I.P.  x x x x