“Blow Away Those Brexit Blues!”

Freezing temperatures in the U.K. make me want to escape!


“The Beast of London?”

“R   a   m   b   l   i   n   g   s”


Gosh, it’s really chilly here

Amargeti…. Leon beer?

Snow is lying on the ground

‘Got a Euro ‘stead of pound!


Feeling angry, Sea Caves’ “build”

Contact soon the “Pafos Guild”

Soothe me, please Johannes Brahms

Barenboim… piano charms!


Take away my Brexit Blues

Irish border, traffic queues

Allegretto….. music sways

Add some purpose to my days!


Why so angry?… feed the poor

Duncan smiles, my spirits soar  (“Comfort Zone”)

Helping others, please be kind

Don’t let Brexit cloud my mind!


Looking out, see flurries ‘snow

Lady limping past, quite slow

Seagulls dropping “Winter Cheer”   (HELP!)

Gordon feeds them, never fear!   (He’s a Flash Gordon!)


Walking, wearing gloves and hat

Head for Cyprus “Just like that?”

‘Stead of dreadful Winter Freeze

Aching back and creaking knees!


Rescue me, B’ blames E.U. (Our foreign Secretary!)

Sack him, join the jobless queue!

On the tram, what, not one smile

Even on the Golden Mile!


In the garden, feeding birds

Major-, ‘stead of minor thirds!

Rhapsody, the one by Brahms  (There are two)

Brexit Chaos quickly calms!    Well, perhaps! xxxx