Chaos Turns To Peace!

What an awful world!


Koili Hill


L  e  t  ‘  s         E  s  c  a  p  e  !


Lots of water pouring forth  (Toilet leak!)

Must be “Power House Of ‘North”?

Carpet ruined, hallway bare

I’m left scratching at my hair!


In Las Vegas murder rules

Guns fall into hands of “fools”

Shooting random, many die

Trump is “tweeting”: caring guy?


Hurricanes, disasters here

In this horrid Brexshit Year

Monarch aircraft on the ground

Dollars, not the weakened pound?


We escape: a cure for two

Writing poems on the loo? (Never!)

Fine jacuzzi, healing heat….

Soothing head and aching feet!


Stars above of blue and white  (Spa-time)

Red and green, a wondrous sight

Fine aromas, eyes that close

In a field… a perfect rose!


High upon a Bempton Cliff  (Bridlington again)

In my head a Beach Boys’ riff

Peace, a view to Koili Hill

Walking with a Heinz, a Bill?


Looking to the bluest sea

From all politics soon free

Floating on a fleecy cloud

“Spring of Life”, a lively crowd!   (Amargeti again!)


See you soon, Kamares-way

On a sunny Christmas Day

Poor Las Vegas, rest in peace

From the stress of life release!    Amen xxxx