December approaches!

We are anticipating our trip to Paphos.


Theatre Queen!

“Lighthouse salute”


A   N   T   I   C   I   P   A   T   I   O   N


Rickers calling   (Dear John)

So appalling?….

No, such happy times recalling!

Lots of laughter after walks

Loudest voices, lively talks!


Walkers smiling

So beguiling?

Little Folk…. all this they’re filing  (B.T. is their secretary)

Georgie Bates with Stavros too

Always part of “Walking Crew”!


Pollard Billy…

Likes it hilly

Flat the walk?…now, don’t be silly!

Sturdy… and his step is true

Underneath a sky of blue


Theatre swinging

Carol singing

To the heavens voices winging….

Sadness, Powneys, they’re not there

Really find this hard to bear!


Harbour walking

Left we’re forking

Paphos, please, instead of Dorkin!

Lighthouse watches as we pass

Yes, I’m with my “Lankie Lass”!


Periklis-ing  (Lovely taverna)

Bernard pleasing?

Down our throats a Leon “easing”!

Nata, valley beckons here

Ian Herley starts to cheer?  (In England now!)


Ghostly “Time-ing”

“Poet” rhyming

Up to Amargeti climbing

Memories of those “who’ve gone”

Barbara Rich… an Abba song?


K.C. lunching   (The Kamares Club)

Salad crunching

Not the one for “burger-munching”?

Soon be with you, all beware!

And….we’re bringing Rufus Bear! xx