“What’s it all about, Maybot?”



F  R  O  G  S        A  N  D        T  O  A  D  S


Sitting on a lily-pad

Starting off a brand-new fad

Croaking loudly, dawn to dusk

Sucking on a Farley’s rusk!  (Do you remember those?)


Stylish in my coat of green

Finest frog you’ve ever seen?

Monocle and bowler hat

Croaking Latin, What a prat!


Viewing greedy fat-cat toads

Fiddling with their own tax-codes

Living in the poshest lodge

Knowing ev’ry crafty dodge!


Selling flights to Cayman Isles

Off-shore riches, lots of smiles!

“Taxes, they are just for mugs!”

Champagne drinks from giant “jugs”!


Fancy parties, sun-drenched beach

Vodka with a dash of peach

Toad, with blondish, scruffy hair

Lots of partners… “It’s not fair!”


On the Roundabout of Life

Have to have a trusting wife?

Shares, a speculation world

Flag of selfishness unfurled!


Toadie Cam’ a cropper comes  (CaMoron?)

Not so crafty with his sums

Froggie now he croaks with glee

Swinging from an apple tree!


Froggie on the Eiffel Tower

Feel that European Power

‘Doesn’t miss the U.K. stress

“Eurofrog, I must confess!”