Extracts From Hetty’s Diary, “A Hedgehog in Love”.

Hetty is an adventurous hedgehog. Long may she thrive!



“Moosey… before meeting Hetty!


“Happy Hetty!”

D  E  A  R      H  E  D  G  E  H  O  G      D  A  Y  S


Hetty, riding on a bike?

Rufus shouting: “What y’er like?”

“Do you know the Highway Code?”

Hedgehog on an open road


Skateboard down a Cyprus hill

Hetty likes all things to thrill!

Sipping at a Leon Beer

Hedgehogs boozing… rather queer?


Troodos Mountains, Hett’ on skis

“I don’t have those aching knees….

Like that naughty Moosey Boy..

Always play it shy and coy!”


On a tandem, H’ and B’

One-way-street, hear “He! He! He!”

“Cypriots don’t indicate

Driving there, accept your fate!”


Now, they’re on a zip-line, HELP!

Listen to Old Moosey yelp

Landing by the “Olive Tree”   (Polemi)

“Not much chance of beer for free?


Paragliding, ‘can’t be true!

High above the Paphos Zoo

Moosey clinging on to Hett’

‘Need a Brandy soon, I bet?


Later, donning roller-boots

From the locals…. howls and hoots

“Don’t disturb Dear Tala Square….

Who’s that watching…. Rufus Bear?


Chaos, landing in a heap

Koili Hill, it’s “Lovers’ Leap”!

“Take it steady, Hetty Girl!”

Moosey’s brain is in a whirl


Roses with engagement ring

“Goodness Gracious, loves takes wing!”

Moosey on his keyboard plays

Dreaming of “Dear Hedgehog Days”!    Help! xx