Friends From Hull!

We met a lovely couple from East Yorkshire in Costa Rica. My mother was also called Joyce.


J  u  i  c  y      J  o  y  c  e  !


Not another Juicy Joyce!

I can hear her dulcet voice

Playing cards upon her phone

Listen to the “poet” groan!


Living Kingston-upon-Hull

Life out there is rarely dull

Culture City, Prescott Lord

Fifteen Jags he can afford!


Running over Humber Bridge

Warming up from “Winter’s Fridge”!

Cottingham, great place to dwell

Many students there as well


Roger Millward, Hull K.R.

Sullivan was too a star

Rivalry with Hull F.C.

High atop the “Super Tree”


Strolling ‘long Pacific coast

Tamarindo is the most

Seated on a comfy log

Far away from Humber’s fog!


Geoffrey with his classy hat

‘Loves his Joycie “pussy cat”

So relaxed they need a drink

Lemonade, of course, we think!  (I bet!)


Doughty sailor on a boat

Heavy rain sounds wat’ry note

Watching birds and crocodiles

Always manages a smile!


Juicy Joyce, we raise a glass

To this lovely Yorkshire lass

‘Hope to see you really soon

Underneath a North Sea moon.   Hugs from Lancashire xxxx