“Yiamas, Tony!”

I met up with a dear walking friend of many years in Peyia!


A      W a l k i n g      F r i e n d


A friend of many years I met today…

Arrived in white Toyota, sparkling new

A shake of hands, a smile, then lots to say

In Coral Star, fine Peyia, problems few!

Great walks together, planning steepest tracks

In Amargeti, Drouseia, Lysos too

Such energy and joy, oft’ jokes and “cracks”

A sky of blue to greet the “Monday Crew”

Through sorrow, loss of darling Maureen, wife

T’ rallied, climbing on his speedy bike

Patricia came along, to safe his life

Today he’s back, to see his walking Tyke!

Let’s celebrate those walks, we had such fun

And raise a glass to friendship, in the sun!   For Tony Rafe, December 2016. xxxx