“Fruitcake Time!”

Let’s all go La-La together!

“We are completely normal!”


G  o  i  n  g        C  r  a  c  k  e  r  s  !


Going nutty!

Bacon butty

‘Got a friend, and he’s called Sooty!

Washing up with magic wand

Of hard work I’m really fond!


Going La-La!

Lady Ga-Ga

Sheep are grazing, humming “Ba-Ba”

Cows let out a mighty Moo

Pumpkin… with a ghostly Woo!


Going crazy!

Cow called Daisy

Memory is rather hazy!

Sooty with that naughty Sweep

Laughing, I fall in a heap!


Going Loopy!

Veggie, poopy?

Ageing, all my bits are droopy!

Girl’s enormous dirty feet

Nicely planted on a seat!  (On a bus!)


Going barmy!

In “Dad’s Army”   (“Stage One”)

Time to take up origami?

‘Made a giant Boris J’

“Foreigners will have to pay!”


Going crackers!

Play maracas

Heading off to far Caracas?

High upon a Cypress tree

Doggie going for a wee!


Going dopey!

“Hello Popee!”

“Politicians, please no gropey!”

Flying through a ruddy sky

Hurricane, I wonder why?


Going nutty!

Hugging Sooty

Fall asleep whilst watching footie? (Must be an England game?)

Waving wildly Euro flag

2 CV, not sporty Jag’!  xxxx