Further Adventures With Hetty!

“That boring piano man!”


“Where is Moosey Boy?”


Whatever next? What is Moosey Boy sporting on his head?  (Antlers?)



P  R  O  T  E  C  T       Y  O  U  R      “B  E  A  R  S”



What is that upon your head?

Is it p’rhaps from “heaven-fed”?

An antenna linked to Sky?  (T.V.)

Seagull’s droppings in my eye?


Moosey giggles: “Naughty gull!”

Life in Cleveleys… rarely dull

Bears in shop for Easterleigh  (Charity shop)

“Aunty Jean to set us free!”   (Our manager)


Hetty views “abandoned bears”

Doggie at a penguin tears

Het’ and Moose devise a pact

Call it “Bear Protection Act”


Parliament discuss their “bill”

Cruelty to bears is NIL

Rufus leads the “Cry For Care”

Only hugs for ev’ry bear!


Moosey forms a new brass band

Finest here in Lalaland (Brexitland)

Sooty, Sweep and Sue’s there too

On the oboe… it’s Baloo!


Invitation from “Stage One”  (Emba)

Moosey’s band brings lots of fun

‘Stead of boring piano man  (Guess who?)

Music from that Sooty fan (Moosey)


Great ovation, Moosey bows

Even see some singing cows

B.T. ukulele plays   (Another bear)

“Better than those panto days!”


Back in Blighty, band on tour

Ev’ry audience shouts for more

Moosey’s antlers glowing hot

“Just charisma… what I’ve got!”  xxxx    I have finally lost the plot! xxxx