“Happy Birthday, Sooty!”

“Izzy Wizzy, Let’s get busy!”

Oh Dear, Sooty is sixty-five, and I remember his early days in Bradford, West Yorkshire.


“C  o  n  g  r  a  t  u  l  a  t  i  o  n  s  !”


Celebrating Sooty and Sweep

Spinning wildly, brain does a leap

Harry Corbett, Bradford chap

There, with Sooty on his lap!


“Izzy Wizzy, let’s get busy!”

Little Sue is feeling dizzy

Sweep is digging for his bones

Sooty’s Band a march intones


SIXTY-FIVE, those years so super

‘Wears a fez like Tommy Cooper

Matthew soaked, that naughty Sweep!

Studio in water deep!


Water pistol, Sue is ducking

Chicken drenched, there’s lots of clucking

Panda wants to go on strike   (Sue)

Leaving on her brand-new trike!


Mischievous, S’ wand is waving (Sooty)

For a few more pranks he’s craving

Sweep is squeaking, droopy ears

Harry needs some wine and beers!


Magic spells dear Sooty’s planning

‘Shrinking bust of Bernard Manning   (A former “large” and vulgar comedian!)

Setting fire to Matthew’s coat   (Harry’s son)

‘Always likes to “play the goat!


My school days I am recalling

Education so appalling?   (Grammar school!)

Teachers all like Michael Gove   (All please bow!)

‘Might have gone to Woodhouse Grove!  (School near to Bradford, West Yorkshire)


Cyprus ‘needs Dear Sooty’s magic

Situation really tragic

Make all Cypriots pay tax

System there is really lax!


“Cheers, Dear Sooty, always smiling

All theses years, of course, I’m filing

“Chapeaux Bas!”, a special “crew”

Sixty-five, yet still “brand-new”!    “Yiamas!, Harry… R.I.P.   X X  You still make me smile, Sooty!  X X