“Hedgehog News”

How long would it be before Hetty, the hedgehog, wrote a poem, and in sonnet-form?

“Rufus with a poor poet!”

“Good Morning, Hetty!”


D   E   A   R          H   E   T   T   Y   !


Dear Hetty on our sofa calmly sits

The “Little Folk”, you’ll find, are all around

She loves our Rufus, “YES”, she says “to bits”

And moving now, without a single sound!

She lives too on a shelf with Super Ted  (He’s 65!)

There’s Josef too, his yodel he has lost   (Tears? It is his age!)

Dear Peggy Sue and she’s to Josef wed!

Support each other at whatever cost!

She likes a comfy cushion where it’s calm

Whilst watching “Corrie”(*), Roy, her favourite man

When violent she raises the alarm

Perhaps it’s time for her to find a “man”?

A hedgehog’s life is safer in our house

She’s meek and mild and quiet as a mouse!  xxxx (*) “Coronation Street” Little folk like a soap-opera!