Hosepipe-Ban…. Cancelled?

The threat of a hosepipe-ban in Lancashire brought, of course, lots of rain! xx


Wales or Cyprus?




W  I  N  D        A  N  D        R  A  I  N  !


Rain! Rain!

What a pain!

Go away, I’ll go insane!  (Impossible?)

Being blown along the prom

‘Wonder where it’s coming from?


Sand! Sand!

In my hand..

P’rhaps it’s from the promised land? (Cyprus?)

Sighing, turn to sweep the floor  (Charity shop in Cleveleys)

Missing Cyprus more and more


Scot! Scot!

Cross, he’s not!

Europe Leaver?.. ‘Guess he’s not

‘Likes a dram or four of “Scotch”  (Like myself?)

‘Got an e-flag on his watch!


Gales! Gales!

Laughter fails!

Pavement blocked by two large “whales”!

Moby’ Scooter whizzing past

“Bet you cannot walk so fast!”


Wales! Wales!

“Never fails!”

Printed on a galleon’s sails

Setting off for Latchi shore

Missing friends there more and more!


Fly! Fly!

In the sky

Sitting next to “boozy guy”

Close my eyes, forget all pain…

Amargeti….. maybe Spain?   What do you think? xx